General operation

Duiktank Transfo has an open policy and as such, it can be used for a lot of different purposes. It can be used by recreational- and professional divers. With its depth and big volume of crystal clear water Duiktank Transfo is a unique location with a lot of possibilities for training, courses and initiations. Underwater elements and a diving trail have been added to our underwater experience to provide extra challenges.

The pool is 15 meters deep and has a diameter of 20 meters. We allow 25 to 30 divers in the pool at the same time but during public hours there is a maximum of 20 divers. The water temperature will be a minimum of 16° Celcius. You can dive with your own equipment if it is in a clean state but you can also rent equipment too. There are changing rooms and lockers, but due to limited space we ask you to only bring the essentials.

1. Parking and entrance to Duiktank Transfo

Cars can be parked at centrum “De Brug”, Otegemstraat 238 (Zwevegem). At the end of the parking area, there are carts that can be used to transport your diving gear, the carts ask a coin as a guarantee. Every cart should be able to transport the diving gear of two divers. Via the towpath it is approximately 350 meters to the entrance of Duiktank Transfo. Carts have to be parked outside the venue at the entrance in the provided spaces. The carts must not, under any circumstances be used in the elevator!

2. Sign up at the cafetaria

On arrival at Duiktank Transfo everyone must sign up in the cafetaria. The cafetaria is near the entrance on the ground floor. Sign up starts one hour before diving and ends 15 minutes before the dive. You can pay cash or with card (bancontact, VISA, maestro).

Every diver must have and must be able to show a valid diving license/certification, a valid dive insurance and a valid medical statement. The dive has to be payed for in advance. You will be directed to the changing room after you have signed up.

If you want to rent equipment, you can ask at the cafetaria. In exchange your passport will be kept as a guarantee.

3. Use of the changing rooms before diving

The changing rooms are accessible through the elevator or the stairs. You will be directed to the changing room when you sign up at the cafetaria. Every changing room has toilets and showers.


Both changing rooms has a sufficient amount of lockers to store valuables. To lock the lockers you’ll need a 50 cent coin as a refundable deposit. After re-opening the locker your coin will be returned.

Tanks can be stored in de hallway and may not, under any circumstances, be taken into the changing room itself.

The waterfront is on the 3the floor and is accessible via the elevator. The elevator is programmed so that they can move to the 3th floor starting from 15 minutes before the dive. Please don’t use the stairs to go to the waterfront, because divers from the previous hour have to use the stairs to descend.

4. Sign up at the waterfront

On arrival at the waterfront, via the elevator, every diver is requested  to pass through a foot bath! There are also showers provided to clean your equipment from sand and other dust before going in the water. The first aid room and/or the emergency exit may not be used by divers who wants to enter the waterfront.

At the waterfront every diver should sign in with a member of staff. Do not go in the water before permission is given by a member of staff. Divers from the previous hour leaving the water and divers from the new hour entering the water are monitored closely by staff at the waterfront. For this process clear signals will be agreed.

Divers who want to rent equipment (arranged during sign up) can collect equipment from staff at the waterfront. Please be on time so there is enough time to select the correct equipment for you.

5. Sign out at the waterfront

10 minutes before the end of the dive a sound signal will indicate that you should start ascending. The latest you should leave the water is on the hour.

After leaving the water all divers have to sign out with staff at the waterfront, this so staff have a clear view on how many divers are still in the water.

Every signed out diver may go to the changing room, via the staircase only. Never use the elevator to descend, because new divers are ascending to be in the water for the following hour.

6. Use of the changing rooms after diving

After diving all divers can use the showers in the changing room. For both showers, toilets and changing rooms divers are responsible to leave them clean and in the same condition as they were found. We don’t ask that you clean the room after every dive, but wipers are provided to get rid of the water that is left behind.

While dressing and showering after diving, tanks should also be stored in the hallway and should never be taken into the changing room for your own safety.

All divers should have left the changing room 30 minutes after diving. Now the elevator can be used to go back to the ground floor.

7. Sign out at the cafetaria

After diving all divers should log out at the cafetaria. They can use our Duiktank Transfo stamps for there logbook or can do a little debriefing with a drink and a drizzle.