In the diving tank 2 compressors are provided for filling bottles.

Have the bottle filled on the 3rd floor by the rescuer on duty.

Purchase tickets at the bar

price 5 € for all bottles less than 12L, only 220 bar (white ticket)
price 7 € for all bottles over 12L, only 220 bar (green ticket) Bi-set 2x12L is considered as 2 bottles.
price 10 € for all bottles larger than 2x12L, only 220 bar (2x white ticket)
price of 8 € for all bottles of 300 bar (red ticket)

Fill the bottle yourself at the outer panel with batch and code, only 220 bar

Personal batch purchases, deposit 20 €

You place an amount of your choice on it. Fill price = amount reduces approximately 0.21 € per 100barl.