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4,7 million liters of water!

An old oil tank is transformed to an unique dive tank.


Transfo duiktank

A depth of 15m and a diameter of 20m,
filled with 4,7 million liters of crystal clear water!
Your new dive adventure starts here...

Water temperature

 Unique dive tank with international posibilities

In the Transfo area in Zwevegem, hidden in a buffer basin, there are three old oil tanks. The biggest oil tank has a height of 17 meters and a diameter of 28 meters. The re-purposing of this unique establishment was a tough challenge. A lot of brainstorming by an international group of young architects yielded interesting ideas such as a arena theater, climbing hall, .. a dive tank to the example of the Gasometer in the Landschapspark of Duisburg. The last idea won.

The Dutch-speaking League for Underwater Research and – Sport (NELOS) was immediately convinced by the idea of building a dive tank in the old oil tank and they started a preliminary study, including market research and financial estimate. A dive tank would be the solution to present dive courses at greater depths with perfect visibility in our own country. Diving in the dive tank is comparable with diving in open water. Diving in Belgium and the Netherlands does always means limited visibility. The fulfillment of the dive tank is the perfect stopover to go from the swimming pool to the open water. Ideal for preparing the diver safely before he goes to the choppy sea.

Bouwschema duiktank Zwevegem

The dive tank in the former oil tank is build in a way the actual tank is decentralized to the original tank. In this way a space is build between the outer wall and the inner wall who is used as technical space (basement room), entrance hall and cafetaria (ground floor), changing rooms (1st and 2nd floor) and waterfront (3th floor). An elevator and an internal staircase serve the various floors. Daylight comes in through the large air cushion roof. The other floors get a little bit of daylight through the little holes that are made in the outer wall. Non-divers can look in the water through a big window in the entrance hall or through the four little windows in the cafetaria.

Diving without boundaries

The Interreg IVa project “diving without boundaries” realizes unique diving spots in the Netherlands and Flanders by an integrated and cross-border approach. This approach result in a thorough improvement of the quality, safety and accessibility of the existing diving infrastructure “Kattendijke-Wemeldinge” at Goes and Kapelle (NL) and realized the Duiktank Transfo at Zwevegem (B). Through this project an “action plan diving without boundaries” was developed to coordinate diving events in the Netherlands and Flanders.

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